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School Number: 175
Call or text us: (706) 568-4117
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  • Free GA Pre-K Program
  • HighReach Learning Curriculum
  • USDA Approved Free Meals & Snacks
  • Blanchard Elementary School
  • Eagle Ridge Elementary School
  • Gertian Elementary School
  • Midland Academy
  • Waddell Elementary School
School Director
Lynn Tyson Price
Welcome to our wonderful school in Columbus, GA. Welcome to our wonderful school in Columbus, GA. My name is Lynn Tyson Price and I am the school director. It is important to me and my staff that every child receives quality care while in our program. We strive to ensure that parents feel safe and secure leaving their children with us and that those children leave every day with a smile on their faces. We know that early education plays an integral role in establishing a solid foundation for their child's educational journey. Our goal for students is to foster an environment where each child can challenge themselves and achieve success. As many of our staff are parents themselves, we understand how rewarding but also how demanding the role of a parent can be at times, especially a working parent. At our child care center, we are committed to providing a supportive community for the families we serve. We all want our students to be happy, nurtured, and provided with the best learning opportunities. All of our staff members are dedicated to providing a safe environment and assisting your child on their learning journey while giving them the freedom to explore and develop in a warm and caring environment. Please feel free to stop in for a tour or call to speak with a member of our team. We look forward to the opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with your family!

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Safety Policies

We take comprehensive measures to ensure a secure and nurturing environment where children can thrive with peace of mind. From strict cleaning practices and well-maintained facilities to rigorous health and safety protocols and emergency preparation procedures, you can have full confidence that your child’s well-being is in the most capable and caring hands.